Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Cheer

Sometimes it's easy to feel under-appreciated when working with children and their families. We're all rushed, can't bother to chat, or just too tired to talk so when I'm trying to tell how a child's day went I can feel ignored. The past three days have been so cheerful at work. Everyone is wishing Happy Holidays and smiling and looking forward to vacation. It makes me happy. I received some lovely little gifts this week. 

Makeup remover & mascara, 2 DD cards, a Christmas letter, snack mix (garlicky and delicious! I've received this snack mix as a gift every Christmas for the past 6 years from her and her older sister. I LOVE IT)

Candies, 2 Target gift cards, nail polish (wrapped with "you sparkle!", popcorn ("you make my mind pop!", Burt's Bees lotion ("Happy New Year! Hope it's a smooth start!")

Chocolate covered pretzels, gingerbread man soap, mug with Kisses, pinot noir, etched glass votive candle

Carter's Christmas Letter (without misspellings)

Merry Christmas Darlene! I hope you get some good presents
 (arrow points to a guitar) and a good family.
From Carter
PS Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Santa came early! Lots of great goodies - you must have been a good girl ;)
    Merry Christmas