Thursday, October 27, 2011


After I plowed through all of those previous projects, I started this zig-zag scarf with what I have left over from last winter (when I made the earflap hats for the twins). I love the colors, like the scarf in general but my heart really isn't in it.

Perhaps it would be a good item for a blog giveaway?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cat Toys

I had a request from my father-in-law to make his girlfriend's cats some toys since they didn't have any. I didn't have any filling or a needle when I was there so I flat knit a little mouse. When I got home I set to work on designing these little guys.

Aren't they cute?

There's already cat hair on the one on the left. Moose snagged it off the table! He watched me make these, so patiently watching with those big eyes. I know he thought they were for him.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some finished work

Bloomsbury ribbed hat. Easy work that I did mostly while commuting to work on the bus!

Heart-shaped dish/wash cloth

Love, love, love these fingerless mittens. I have made a short pair as well, but am looking forward to making a pair that go almost to my elbow in green.

I'm going to try making my own Christmas cards this year. I'm going to make a bunch of flat-knit things (snowmen, Santa, wreaths, etc.) and pin them to cardstock. We'll see how that goes. This snowman isn't finished yet.