Monday, October 17, 2011

Cat Toys

I had a request from my father-in-law to make his girlfriend's cats some toys since they didn't have any. I didn't have any filling or a needle when I was there so I flat knit a little mouse. When I got home I set to work on designing these little guys.

Aren't they cute?

There's already cat hair on the one on the left. Moose snagged it off the table! He watched me make these, so patiently watching with those big eyes. I know he thought they were for him.


  1. Adorable! Will you share the pattern? My little Sophie would love it.

  2. Those little mice are so cute. You are a crafty one :) It would be fun to put a squeeker in one. Drive the cats nuts!

  3. Very crafty, I'm sure Bill's girlfriend's, kitties will love them.