Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A few things..

I've been a busy bee lately. With summer camp over (sigh of relief) and the kids back in school, I have a little more time to breathe and work on some things. Christmas is coming up, and with my wrist still sore I'll be doing less knitting and more projects. Anywhoo, here's a few things I've done recently.

 Grapefruit and vinegar cleaner. 
I've got 5 more grapefruits and a big bottle of vinegar to add before this sits and I bottle it into spray bottles!

 Banana bread. 
Honestly I've never made a banana bread I didn't like!

Creamed corn casserole. 
It wasn't bad at all, but it's not something we'll eat on a regular basis. 
Good recipe for cleaning out canned corn I guess.