Sunday, January 22, 2012

I know, I know..

I know I said I'd be a better blogger for 2012.. sorry! Honestly, I've cast on about 15 times but can't bring myself to do anything more than a few rows. I've been very tired lately.

I did manage to go out and do all of the kid shopping for work! Here's what I came home with:

(2) 3 packs of Clorox Wipes
(3) cans of Disinfecting spray
(1) 3 pack of Kleenex
(3) 24 piece Disney puzzles
(1) Dora the Explorer stickers
(2) Kid Connection cell phones
(1) 90 piece toy food bucket
(4) 10 pack Crayola markers
(5) watercolor sets
(2) 6pack glue sticks
(1) pack of jumbo popsicle sticks
(1) bucket of alphabet beads

That's Imogen taking inventory.

Ok, so I guess it doesn't look like much.. but you try carrying it home on the bus, in the snow!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I am so happy to put 2011 behind me. I'm looking forward to 2012 and hope that it will be everything that this past year wasn't. Honestly, I wasn't "feeling" the holidays this year and I've been a little blue. It's time to get out of this funk.

We had a busy, but nice Christmas in Rhode Island. It's the first time I spent Christmas away from my family and I missed them very much. We were so busy visiting everyone and driving all over that it was hard to just relax and enjoy. We did get to see everyone though, so that was nice.

So anyway. I make a point not to make resolutions for the New Year simply because I don't like to fail, but I'm going to try to be a better blogger for 2012. Maybe do a giveaway. :)

Happy New Year everyone! Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2012.