Sunday, December 30, 2012

After the Holidays

As much as I love Christmas, I'm so glad that it's over! Lots of cleanup, packaging that needs to be stored away, J's birthday is TODAY, a cake to bake, a few gifts to wrap.. mother-in-law coming to visit next weekend.. much to do!

Christmas flowers from my parents, Candle holder from a dear penpal

I've enjoyed my vacation for the last week. Working only half days has been good for me, spending time at home, snuggling with my cats, working on projects, relaxing. Tomorrow is another half day, Tuesday work is closed, and then back at it on Wednesday.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

Recipe for Christmas...
All Year Long

Take a heap of child-like wonder
that opens up our eyes
To the unexpected gifts in life
Each day a sweet surprise.
Mix in fond appreciation
for the people whom we know,
Like festive Christmas candles
each one has a special glow.
Add some giggles and some laughter,
a dash of Christmas food,
(amazing how a piece of pie
improves our attitude!)
Stir it all with human kindness
Wrap it up in love and peace,
decorate with optimism, and
Our joy will never cease.
If we use this healthy recipe
we know we will remember,
to be in the Christmas spirit
even when it's not December.

Merry Christmas!

it is snowing!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Cheer

Sometimes it's easy to feel under-appreciated when working with children and their families. We're all rushed, can't bother to chat, or just too tired to talk so when I'm trying to tell how a child's day went I can feel ignored. The past three days have been so cheerful at work. Everyone is wishing Happy Holidays and smiling and looking forward to vacation. It makes me happy. I received some lovely little gifts this week. 

Makeup remover & mascara, 2 DD cards, a Christmas letter, snack mix (garlicky and delicious! I've received this snack mix as a gift every Christmas for the past 6 years from her and her older sister. I LOVE IT)

Candies, 2 Target gift cards, nail polish (wrapped with "you sparkle!", popcorn ("you make my mind pop!", Burt's Bees lotion ("Happy New Year! Hope it's a smooth start!")

Chocolate covered pretzels, gingerbread man soap, mug with Kisses, pinot noir, etched glass votive candle

Carter's Christmas Letter (without misspellings)

Merry Christmas Darlene! I hope you get some good presents
 (arrow points to a guitar) and a good family.
From Carter
PS Merry Christmas!!