Sunday, February 22, 2009



made for an old roommate's new baby boy

two baby bibs, minus the buttons (apologies for the dark picture. I did lighten it, but the forest green one isn't very visible).
This was a super easy knit & purl pattern that knit up really easily. The pattern can be found here.
I'm currently working on the 2009 afghan which is also really easy but I'm doing 2-3 of each months square. I look forward to posting the end result in December '09!


  1. When do you have time to do all these creative progects! Can't wait to see the afghan

  2. Haha, I work on things when I get home from work at night and sometimes in the morning before I leave. I actually worked on the bibs while working with the kids though, because Cayden is due in 2 days :)